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    Troy Mathew commented  · 

    Completely agree 100%; I was saying exactly; exactly everything you stated; before I even knew about this site. I don't want to talk constantly to Alexa, I'd rather Alexa know my 'tasks' via my skills. I thought, why not have all the skills in one place, call it a 'List' of your skills. Since the 'list' is on phones, via the Alexa App, there is processing power to scan your list daily to keep you and Alexa updated. Since I have the Alexa phone app, there is storage there (minimal) to keep your 'List' for Alexa to keep track of and also store other items in that folder (I read someone mentioning) where you could also keep all your data that isn't stored on the (Echo) devices, for future retrieval (like witnessing a hit and run, for example, you could tell Alexa to record all the information of the incident in live time, which would be transcribed to SMS...basically. That information could actually be stored on your phone in a retrievable folder (mentioned earlier), via, the Alexa App. That info could be saved until needed and given a kill date to destruct automatically. I think, using the power of your cell, the simple storage folder and the Alexa App would really give Home Alexa a big boost. Since she already knows everything about me by my skills list, we really won't have to communicate via, "Alexa, open, blah, blah, blah". That gets really old, really fast and I have only had Alexa Echo one week today! If she knows me, via my skills list, she can remind me via text, calendar reminders and voice greetings, if I choose. Alexa just needs to sit there, keep tabs on my skills list and keep me up to date on my skills choices. Plus, with geolocation on my phone, the phone App knows exactly where I am, reminding me if I need to grab something one my way home, like birthday candles, for example. My phone App then updates Echo Alexa at home of my location, which then turns my Hue lights on as I pull up to garage and announces I am home to the family. But yeah, very, very annoying of all the Alexa this and Alexa that; tired of it. Was about to send it back today, but reading here, I may keep it for a while. If anything, not a bad sounding music streaming device, just a very dumb annoying device right now.

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