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  1. Provide Net Enablements Data  ·  Received

  2. Persist more than 24kb of data between intents in a session  ·  Received

  3. Respond to query if a light or device is on or off  ·  Received

  4. Add original text in support ticket case responses  ·  Received

  5. Send PlaybackNearlyFinished for short tracks, or allow responses to other  ·  Received

  6. Pass the ball back to 1st Party Alexa for a response  ·  Received

  7. Start APL animation with response and make it non blocking for user interaction  ·  Received

  8. Include in JSON response indicator "Live" or "Development" to allow for CloudWatch Filtering  ·  Received

  9. Allow sending WakeUp event synchronously in response to a TurnOn/TurnOff directive  ·  Received

  10. Allow for much longer audio responses in APL for Audio  ·  Received

  11. AWS IOT device shadow integration to show real time data  ·  Received

  12. Measure data is not matching in new and old console.  ·  Received

  13. Support APL Directives and Dialog Directives in the same skill response  ·  Received

  14. send responses to alexa without intent while session is still open  ·  Received

  15. Remove the limitation for maximum 5 audio elements in SSML response  ·  Received

  16. Ability to fetch analytics data from SMAPI  ·  Received

  17. "Unsaved data" flow doesn't work properly  ·  Received

  18. Give us roundtrip time from alexa request to alexa response (regional lambdas)  ·  Received

  19. Allow Skills to know user's response to Shopping Add to Cart request in the SessionResumedRequest handler  ·  Received

  20. Ability to send back a variable, in the SSML response, which will convert t the user's first name.  ·  Received