1. Support display directives in progressive responses  ·  Received

  2. Alexa smart home skills with Mode.Controller need to be able to query current mode.  ·  Received

  3. Persist more than 24kb of data between intents in a session  ·  Received

  4. Allow longer responses for AMAZON.SearchQuery  ·  Received

  5. Test 'no response' from user.  ·  Received

  6. Show raw response from https server  ·  Received

  7. ASK-SDK Response HTTPS endpoint support  ·  Launched

  8. 8 second response time is not sufficient for IoT use cases  ·  Received

  9. The RequestInterceptor interface should provide an optional response parameter  ·  Received

  10. Send raw query with request  ·  Received

  11. add inputTranscript to Alexa Response.json  ·  Received

  12. Alexa Gadgets Toolkit - use a Gadget to trigger a response  ·  Received

  13. Add Additional Permission Scopes To Alexa Response  ·  Received

  14. Mark that a request was routed through or rejected after CanFulfillIntentRequest  ·  Announced

  15. Allow sending WakeUp event synchronously in response to a TurnOn/TurnOff directive  ·  Received

  16. Reprompt Webhook in case of SessionEnded Request due to ENDPOINT_TIME_OUT  ·  Received

  17. Remove the requirement for a leading phrase with AMAZON.SearchQuery  ·  Received

  18. Send PlaybackNearlyFinished for short tracks, or allow responses to other  ·  Received

  19. Ability to send back a variable, in the SSML response, which will convert t the user's first name.  ·  Received

  20. Measure data is not matching in new and old console.  ·  Received

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