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  1. Mark that a request was routed through or rejected after CanFulfillIntentRequest

    After the Alexa service queries a set of candidate skills with CanFulfillIntentRequest, a skill is potentially selected to receive the intent.

    Even if the skill responds with a canFulfill: "YES" in its response, it's not guaranteed that it will be selected.

    This makes it difficult for a developer to know if CanFulfillIntentRequest is working to drive traffic or to know if it should use a tailored response.

    Use cases:
    User: Alexa, tell me a something about cats
    <Cat Facts responds CanFulfill: "YES">
    Alexa: Here's your response from the Cat Facts skill! ...

    User: Alexa, tell me a random fact

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    Thank you for trying out the CanFulfillIntentRequest interface and for your feedback. We’re going to be collecting feedback and iterating on the feature throughout the public beta period and are working on ways to make it easier for developers to view metrics related to CanFulfillIntentRequest!

    We encourage developers to provide their feedback by creating a post and tagging the post with Canfulfillintentrequest on the Alexa Skills Kit developer forum.

  2. Payments

    Right now, you won't allow us to text a link to a page that accepts donations. We work with lots of non-profits and political groups for whom a skill that enables users to say, "Donate" and just get a text to the donation page would be highly valuable.

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